CaZXjyRUkAAkfbEThe leader of the championship Manuel Sánchez changed teams after Charlotte. Since that day, Positive SimRacing has helped him to have a good run in the championship. We are now facing the second half of the season, and Sánchez is leading the field.

He had an easy race at Darlington, creating a comfortable gap between him and his rivals, scoring a supreme win and pulling away in the standings. The main ingredients for this victory were a superb pace and a good strategy call.


Two weeks later he and his team-mate Kevin Adam made a good strategy call, but not the best they could. F1 Champs won at Talladega after the PSR drivers missed the pit-road for one lap under caution. This meant that F1 Champs had track position over Sánchez and Adam, who fell back in the pack due to lapped cars. This difference in pit-stop timing handed the victory to Rafel García, who was followed by his team-mate Juan Miguel Rodriguez. In third, after a long 14 second wait, Sánchez crossed the line in third.

However it may seem a real domination by F1 Champs, the race had two different parts. The first half of the race was a good show of pack racing. Very few cautions and the drivers from IRT, Cronos SimRacers and Pit Demons demonstrated how to work in an oval race. They pushed so hard until F1 Champs cought them.

IMG 20160218 132033When García, Jiménez and Rodriguez arrived to the front, the leading group was already down to three drivers: Xabier Sánchez, Pablo López and Marc Montaner. It finally split up when Montaner collided with Ricardo Jiménez (F1 Champs) in the final 30 laps, without caution being thrown after the spin. López held up the pace alongside F1 Champs, but a miscalculation of the remaining fuel put him out of contention and handed over the win to García and Rodriguez.

Next stop, Sonoma Raceway. The race is expected to be way tighter than the first oval races due to a more experienced field in road racing. Manuel Sánchez has a healthy 14 point lead over Juan Miguel Rodriguez. May Sonoma give a bit of tension to this amazing first edition of the MundoGT Xfinity Series? In 7 days, the answer.

Article: Santi Torres (@SantiTorresSM) - Photos: @alesilra17 y @ThadeusX