The next NASCAR Championship of MundoGT is getting closer. On January 20th 43 drivers will compete in ovals and road tracks. Racing with beasts of 700 HP will be hard and a new era in Spanish Sim Racing. It seems that oval racing has come to stay.

The Championship has been carefully planned and we, MundoGT, will be using the same points system that NASCAR uses in their series: 43 points for the winner, 1 point for the last, 1 extra point for leading a lap and 1 extra point for the driver who led the most laps. This will motivate the drivers to race for being first and not to retire, as every point is always welcome.

The cars we will allow to race are the 3 that iRacing owns: the Toyota Camry, the Ford Mustang and the Chevrolet Camaro. The differences between them and their big sisters (the Sprint Cup ones) are more or less power related. Regarding the momentum, the lack of power forces the drivers to race way cleaverer than with the Cup Cars, not only for the speed itself but also the speed in the middle of the turns. That is why the racing line is so important on ovals.

MundoGT has tried to equal things up by establishing the series under setup fixed rules. Every driver will have the same setup, so the fast ones will be easier to spot. Tyre wearing, fuel consumption and the mid-corner speed are three important factors on oval racing. On the one hand, a higher racing line will allow the drivers not to put their tires into stress, wearing them a lot less than they are used to. On the other, a higher racing line will make the drivers to drive more meters, making the lap a bit slow. Thanks to the dynamic track surface installed by iRacing several months ago, this variety of racing lines will be huge in number, and the driving styles will be differentiated from one to another, making racing even more fun.

As for the tracks, we chose six of them: Darlington, Homestead, Charlotte, Sonoma, Pocono and Talladega. Six different layouts where the 43 participants will earn their wins through real race distances (we will use the real Xfinity length in every oval), so the drivers must adapt to their behavior in terms of rubber layed down and temperature. For example, drivers must learn to use all the driving techniques seen on NASCAR like Bump-draft, fuel conservation or changing their racing lines according to the need of their car.

Racing will be close, and this is a good way of presenting NASCAR to the European people. Do you want to know a bit more of it? The championship begins in less than two weeks time.