CaZXjyRUkAAkfbEThe leader of the championship Manuel Sánchez changed teams after Charlotte. Since that day, Positive SimRacing has helped him to have a good run in the championship. We are now facing the second half of the season, and Sánchez is leading the field.


The MundoGT Xfinity Series waved the green flag for the first time last week at Charlotte.

This is the final entry list for the 1st #MGTXF that starts next.

Over more than 50 drivers was signed to championship, as will be said for each race we will make a prequaly host and 43 fastest drivers will be participating in the race on Wednesday. All shedule and characteristics of prequalys have them here.

The next NASCAR Championship of MundoGT is getting closer. On January 20th 43 drivers will compete in ovals and road tracks. Racing with beasts of 700 HP will be hard and a new era in Spanish Sim Racing. It seems that oval racing has come to stay.