gtros daytonaGTros Black scores the third race win in four races, expanding the lead in the championship.

gtrosbbr daytona

Although Odox and Black Bull Racing did everything they could at Daytona, the Audi R8 LMS of Samuel de la Fuente and Jairo Via crossed the line in first position. Controversy hit the event twice. The first incident appeared during the 30-minute qualifying session. Team JIM and GTros used the draft between team-mates in a way that other teams found dirty by cutting the track in the bus-stop chicane. There was no investigation due to the lack of any article in the rulebook regarding that incident.

The other point of controversy can be found in the start. Team JIM Thrustmaster and GTros Silver locked the front row, but a moment of doubt by Dani Cruz lead to a pile-up that affected GTros Silver and Champs iRacing Audi. That meant the lead of GTros Black, but an enormous pack formed behind the leader of the championship.

After the first stop, strategy came into play. Saving fuel was the task that all drivers faced, with Odox and Black Bull Racing (among others) being able to save enough to make it to the finish in 5 stops, while GTros Black had to make a sixth visit to the pit-lane. Trouble hit Odox and Black Bull Racing in the second half of the race. Cristian 

hellenic Suzuka

Manzano (Odox) run wide in the first corner, damaging their car and losing about 2 seconds in pace. Black Bull racing faced a blue screen during their penultimate stint, losing the chance of surpassing GTros Black in the pits.

In terms of the international entry, Hellenic Racing did a good job by scoring another top-10. Their pace was really good, and the greek entry must be proud of their effort. 

GTros Black won the race, with Dream Factory in second and Black Bull Racing stealing the podium to a defenseless Odox in the last minutes. Next race will be held at Road Atlanta at the end of July.  

Writer: Santi Torres (@SantiTorresSM)
Images: @EScapeRacers, @Team_XRS y @HellenicRacing