Cartel MES equipos grandeThe first Spanish organized Endurance Champioship on iRacing is about to start. On March 23rd the MundoGT Endurance Series will begin with more than 40 cars on track and over 190 drivers will earn their final reward on track.

Eight months of the toughest and longest competition. Endurance is about constance and speed. The best teams in the country will battle each other in circuits like Suzuka, Spa or Sebring.

José E. Vegara (Odox): “We are delighted to race here. It’s a championship that innovates in the Spanish simracing world. Everyone has trained a lot for it. We love to face teams like GTros, as they do not participate quite often in national series and, for us, they are the second best Spanish iRacing team:”

entrenamientos mesSanti Torres, MundoGT Endurance Series Tv commentator: “It will be a blast. The best teams in the best circuits. It will be hard to memorize all the drivers, but it is worth the wait.

The races will be six hour long, and the first one will be held at Suzuka. You will be able to follow the action live on the MundoGT Youtube Channel One race per month. Are you ready?