2016 has officially started and so the MundoGT iRacing championships. Driver’s championships are important, but also teams have their own racing leagues. Next March the first endurance championship of the community (#MES, MundoGT Endurance Series) is going to arrive to your computers.

A 8 month-long championship will take us all all over the world, racing in the most emblematic and charismatic circuits like Suzuka, Sebring or the Green Hell, the Nürburgring Nordschleife. The teams will feature a minimum of 2 drivers and a maximum of 4 in order to complete the 6 hours that each event is scheduled to.

mes nurbur

The cars are easy to remember. All the current GT3 cars except for the Ford GT will be on track, and the new AMG SLS and the Audi R8 LMS will also be elegible for the teams once they are released. The more different cars, the more fun we all will have because of the different approach that each team will take. Of course, if the SLS AMG and the Audi R8 are not calibrated correctly once they are released, they will be banned from the championship.



We also have prices for the winners that go from i$100 for the winner of the championship to i$50 to the team that finishes third after the 8 races. And of course, we are going to broadcast the whole eight events on our Youtube channel. 

Prices confirmed:

< 1st Classified: 100i$ >

< 2nd Classified: 75i$ >

< 3th Classified: 50i$ >

Prepare yourselves, because endurance is more than putting lap after lap. You must be mentally prepared to endure the whole championship. If you want racing, you want MundoGT. The inscription application will be up in a few weeks time, so better be ready. On the 26th of March, the beasts are going to be unleashed.

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